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Eid Special: Let's Celebrate This Pious Festival With Unique Clothes

This is a proven fact in our culture that shopping and Eid celebrations are synonymous with each other.

Whenever Eid festivities arrive, be it Eid-ul-Fitr or Eid-ul-Azha, clothing brands offer Eid Collections for both men and women.

Besides, the offers center around women's Eid clothes, new Panjabi collections for men, men's Eid clothes, Eid khurta for women, and so on.

How People Celebrate Eid in Bangladesh

You will see that many local clothes have been made with cheap material. While this does seem like a great deal, wherein you save money – bad quality clothes rarely last long. This is precisely why you must invest in high-quality material clothing for yourself.

Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha are the biggest festivals in Bangladesh. Thus, like various food offerings, new clothing collections become prevalent at these times. You can see online shops and stores with the banners "Latest Eid Collections" featured all over. Discounts are galore across many stores and brands.

As a result, people are encouraged to buy different, colorful Panjabis and salwar kameez. Eid fashion becomes a trend during these festivities. In fact, after the morning Eid prayers, the food offerings, and the sacrifice of cows (during Eid-ul-Azha), various catchy dressing is the most prevalent trend.

Most Popular Eid Dresses For Men

When Eid arrives, many brands and stores claim to provide the best Eid dressing for men. Some brands actually do provide new, and quality Panjabi designs for men.

And StridesCo stands out among them. Our latest Eid collection 2022 for men's Eid clothes will delight you. From panjabis to sherwanis to even shirts, we are gearing up to take the men on a new ride this Eid.

Most Popular Eid Dresses For Women

If men can have a variety of dressing options, women can choose from a vast of new dresses. We are offering many different designs and colors for the Eid collection 2022 for Bangladeshi women.

The list looks endless, from the three-piece collection 2022 to new women's khurta and tops. You can explore women's clothing at our women's Eid clothes section at Eid Collection 2022.

Which are the Best Eid Fashions This Summer?

This Eid-ul-Azha is coming in the summer, so men and women would prefer lighter material clothing. With the advent of Eid, dressing layering has become the trend. But a problem comes with layering. That is, the more layers, the thicker the outfit. This might become a bit uncomfortable, especially during these summer days.

But, surprisingly and intriguingly, our Eid Collection dresses are not only comfortable but are also trendy and give a feeling of relaxation. Some of our trendy, coveted clothing this summer for men are the following:

Mahal Navy Wavy Pasley Panjabi: This mesmerizing clothing features a wavy texture that gives a modern and luxurious look to your traditional attire. It also features a contrasting yet complementary paisley button. It is 100% cotton with classic Panjabi collars and a regular fit.

Mahal Black Sherwani with Pocket Square: This unique piece of clothing alters the norm in our exclusive Sherwani-inspired collection. Designed to set a new fashion trend, this Sherwani features the classic pocket detail and prince collar. But at the same time, it redefines the aesthetics of the usual and ordinary sherwani look. With its black textured buttons, prince collar, and eight front matching buttons, its slim fit, 100% high-grade cotton is a refreshing feel to the eye and body.

Mahal Regal All-Black Panjabi w/ 3D Velvet Accent: A piece of clothing representing pure, classic, and timeless black silhouette for your ethnic wardrobe. This offering features a 3D velvet floral contrast that displays suaveness from every angle.

StridesCo Grey Geometric Bone Pocket Panjabi: This bone pocket Panjabi is made of pure cotton to give you a soft, luxurious feel, along with a geometric navy collar and sleeve design that provide style to your collection. It is slim-fit and has grid-design buttons. During the Eid festival, women like to choose new, fashion-forward eid dresses. to find the best collection of eid dresses for women check it out here.

Haiku SKYLARK 2.0: Made of Thai cotton, this casual baby blue and white printed Kurti features ribbing on the front along with white lace work on fanned sleeves. Adding to that are neon pink tassels hanging from the sleeves. It is paired with white Kurti pants.

Mahal Floral Kaftan W/Belt: In this Eid to get a trendy and fashionable look, there is a floral print kaftan this summer, it will be the best choice for women to fulfill their aspect of comfort.

Mahal Navy Embroidered Kameez w/ Sharara (Full Set): This high-end navy embroidered kameez sparkles elements on it that will make you flock to Strides this Eid. Made of georgette fabric along with three-quarter sleeves, this knee-length kurta has a matching free-size dupatta with border trim. It also has a matching free-size Shahara to complete its beauty.

Shopping For Eid Special Outfits Online For Men & Women

In today's world, especially after the pandemic, online shopping has become prevalent. Whether you shop for men's outfits or women's dresses, online purchase is on the rise like never before. E-commerce platforms like StridesCo., based on fashion for contemporary Bangladeshis, encourage their customers to shop online.

This saves customers from roaming around shopping malls, searching for the perfect fit for the occasion. Making payments online is also safe and easy now with the advent of Bkash and online banking. Deliveries are also made easy with 24x7 support.

On top of that, you can create your account for future buying and delivery. Also, Strides Co. allows you to check dresses at delivery to check your matching size. To start, 24X7 customer support service via call and live chatbots make life easy for customers.

Final Words

Eid remains the most important festival in Bangladesh. The atmosphere created during this religious occasion is simply unmatched. Regardless of your religious background or ethnicity, Eid plays an essential role in your life as a holiday.

Thus, when it comes to dressing, the Eid collection of 2022 in Bangladesh will be as scintillating and mesmerizing as before. And StridesCo. will release an Eid collection in 2022 for girls. Not to forget our new arrivals for men are making some good noise in the market.