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How to choose a pair of women’s trousers

So you need a pair of ladies’ trousers, just a bit confused about which will fit you best, right?

It happens to all!

Whatever your body shape and size, there’s nothing to get upset or confused about. Instead, you just need to discover the right fit to flatter your body. A collection that fits you best and simultaneously fashionable.

To solve your trouser conundrum, here we've highlighted three criteria to enable you to find your perfect fit.

Choose according to your body shape

Here we’ll emphasize 4 types of women’s body shape that is most common. So let's see which trousers will suit you best based on your body type:

Inverted Triangle Shape

If you are an inverted triangle then trousers with detailing around the hip, bottom, and waist will help you balance out the wide shoulder line. Especially a pegged trouser that has a split on the top, buttons, little band on the waist will be great for an inverted triangle shape. You can wear wide-legged trousers of any color with belt loops.

Image: A wide-legged or ribbed flared trouser suit the inverted triangle body shape.

Rectangle Shape

A rectangle shape is similar to an inverted triangle shape. However, be cautious of wearing too much detail on the waistband. Rather put them on the hips and bottom hem. Try to find a bootcut with front detailing and back pockets.

Pear/Triangle Shape

A pear/triangle shape goes well with straight-leg trousers. We suggest darker colors for the bottom combined with brighter color tops. Avoid too much detail in the hip and bottom. The straight-leg or striped trousers will be nice in this regard. And you can go for dark-brown if you have a wider leg. It can comprise detailing at the ankle too. But preferably match your bottoms with your top.

Image: A pair of striped trousers for the pear/triangle body shape

Hourglass Shape

And if you have an hourglass shape you can wear any style of trousers. Since your body line is in proportion you can feel free to wear a Capri, bootleg, jeggings, etc.

Image: A pair of Capri Trousers for ‘Hourglass’ body shape

Choose upon color and fabric facts

Apart from the body shape, you can also choose upon color or fabric

Image: Trousers that are sustainable and breathable is wise

For activewear and frequent laundering choosing a sustainable, breathable fabric is important. Organic cotton will be best in this regard. Choose one that can reign both in summer and winter, and all year round. Generally, formal trousers are available in synthetic fabrics. But authentic wool or cotton contains increased comfortability and breathability.

Colors like black, grey, or navy are considered to be classic for trousers or joggers. They go very well with most tops, shoes, and accessories.

Image: A classic color code (grey) for the women

Choose through the measurements

You can also find your right size using a measurement method. Find a measuring tape to measure your shoulders, chest/bust, waist, and hips. Try to measure each one at its widest level (except for waist) and note it down.

First of all, compare your shoulder measurement to your hips measurement.

Generally, if your shoulder is greater than 5% then your shoulder level is wider than your hips. That means you should have trousers to balance out your shoulder.

And if your hip section is greater than your shoulder section by 5% then you should choose trousers that compliment your wider hips.

If your shoulder and hip level are around less than 5% from each other with more than 25% of shoulder to the waist then you should go for the trousers that accentuate your curves. Why?

Because your body is set to be proportional top to bottom and you don’t need to correct your body silhouette.

If your shoulder and hip level are within 5% of each other with a visible wider waist or shoulder to waist result that is less than 25% then try to discover the trousers that will help define the waist region.

And if your shoulder, waist, and hips are within 5% of each other then opt for trousers that will throw out the illusion of curves for a more feminine silhouette. The reason is, in this case, your body is straight-lined.

When the hip level is found wider compared to the shoulder you might wish for your clothes to look proportional Most probably you want to choose straight pants as you find them hard to fit around the leg area.

Then the solution is to wear darker pants carefully avoiding the light colors or skinny fits.

And suppose you have wide shoulders or a full chest. you can wear colorful trousers. Try to avoid dark and tight fits. Experts suggest incorporating various colors or fun prints instead. It will balance out your wide shoulder. Also, try wide-legged or straight colorful trousers that will fit this body type.

Slim fit and high-waisted trousers are perfect to accentuate your curves! If you wish to hide your curves then straight ones will fit you best. Try to avoid loose or overly tight pants.

Another challenge is to balance between the upper and lower part of your body. If your waist is parallel to your shoulder and chest portion, then you need to find pants to detail the bottom of your body. For this, don’t hesitate to opt for straight-lined or proportionally wide pants. This will create a clean, cool straight line from top to bottom. But be careful to avoid tight or narrow trousers, okay!

And a lean body flatters best with defined curves. In this case, pleated trousers or chino pants can be an apt choice for you. You will have a comfortable room or curves around the hip level. Avoiding straight or shapeless trousers will be wise.

Image: Pleated trousers go perfect with a lean body

Now you have a better idea about what to choose and how to choose. Just go for the desired one!

Whatever your body shape is, the perfect trouser for you is out there! Don’t worry if you struggle to find the right one, it happens to all of us. Strides Co will help you find the right trouser for you, as they allow you to try different samples and sizes at home during delivery.

Have a good day!