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Rev Up Your Wardrobe With Comfy T-shirt in This Hot Summer

Summer is finally here! With the temperatures rising rapidly, you can explore many styles and clothes – something you would have missed doing during the winters. But here comes the tricky part: you need to find good and effective brands for all your summer needs.

Unlike winters, summers are a time of sweat, infections, and other related issues. This is precisely why you must invest in the right brands like StridesCo to get the best summer clothes collection at excellent prices.

Let us quickly run through the top reasons why you should choose our regular clothes, specials like the ethnic 2022 summer collection, and more.

Quality Material

You will see that many local clothes have been made with cheap material. While this does seem like a great deal, wherein you save money – bad quality clothes rarely last long. This is precisely why you must invest in high-quality material clothing for yourself.

With Stridesco, the cloth color will not fade away in a wash or two and will potentially last long. Always aim to have the best quality clothes in your closet rather than the highest quantity.

For instance, spending on the best polo shirt brand in Bangladesh means that the clothes will go on for months, so you will eventually save money.

Quick Dry Fabric

Quick dry fabrics are usually made with the help of merino wool, polyester, nylon, or even a simple blend of all these fabrics. What exactly is a quick dry cloth? The simplest way to check is if the material becomes damp within 30 minutes, eventually drying out entirely within just a few hours.

This drying time is also related to the re-wearability, odor resistance, and durability of clothes, especially when you travel in the summers. Our brand is also known for its quick dry fabric, and the ethnic summer 2022 clothes dry off completely when you hang them overnight.

All-Day Comfort

Many clothes can help you look good, but not all of them will provide you with the comfort you deserve. Moreover, summers mean the pressure of having a comfortable fit is even higher, thanks to Bangladesh's high temperature.

You can use our clothing on long flights and during travels from one place to another since it comes with the highest quality and most comfortable fabric ever.

Some of the most simple and comfortable materials, such as cotton, find multiple uses in our products. We also have linen in our clothes, the first ever textile material used in the man’s world.

Both these fabrics are very light, breathable, comfortable, anti-shrink, heat conducting, and much more, making it a solid buy for the customers.

A Great, Good-Looking Fit

Well, who doesn't love a great and good-looking fit on their body? And branded clothes in Bangladesh ensure that they make both men and women look nice and add elegance to your overall outlook. Not just that, Stridesco will make sure that you look stylish and the right amount of decent; in short, you will have a statement.

You will get the opportunity to wear the same clothes repetitively since the color doesn’t fade quickly and enjoy how it makes you look.

Odor Control

Odor control is another factor that makes us stand apart from our competitors. Many fabrics cannot perform and finish against various odors caused due to dust and sweat in the summers of Bangladesh. Stridesco makes a difference here.

Per the product specification, we run many tests to ensure it performs well despite adverse conditions and doesn't add to the user's discomfort. Not just that, our clothing also comes with antibacterial textiles, which further provides a deficit against the bacteria that produce a dirty smell.


Our days are way longer than they used to be, solely because of how busy everyone has gotten. Most people have a daily routine of working out, traveling, spending time in the office, hanging out with friends in the evening, meeting their significant other over dinner, and finally coming home to relax.

In this day and age, active lifestyles are the key to facing any kind of situation and ensuring that your fast-paced life can run the way you wish. And this is why the fashion trend for athleisure caught on so well with the people – with its solid comfort and the quality for athletic performance in a day.

One of the major factors responsible for the positive impact of these clothes is the moisture-wicking fabric, more commonly referred to as sweat-wicking textile.

Some common fabrics known as sweat-wicking or moisture-wicking are merino wool, spandex, polypropylene, polyester, and will in general. We ensure that our fabrics are created with the help of moisture-wicking textiles.

But what exactly is this moisture-wicking characteristic? In short, these clothes will not stick a lot on your skin in humid and hot climates.

Final Words

That’s it, people! That's our take on our clothes and fabric and how they are your supporters for the high temperature in Bangladesh. Whether you wear a flowy dress to a beach party or just a comfy t-shirt to relax on your couch and watch Netflix, we have your needs and wants sorted.

Lastly, our prices are also kept at a competitive rate to ensure that the clothes don't miss out on affordability. For instance, the stride t-shirt price in Bangladesh is inexpensive and also provides you the best of comfort that you truly desire.