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The Ultimate Summer Style Guide for Men and Women in 2022

When the heat of summer arrives, people feel a new urge to make themselves “feel light to feel right”. Like cultures around the world, Bangladeshi men and women wear clothing that suits their summer vibes. Those may be western clothing, but the shift is now more toward local clothing.

StridesCo provides a range of summer wears for its beloved customers. Following we look at the summer clothing trends on the local scene. And also encourage you to have a look at our offers this summer :

Wearing Light-colored clothes

It is a known fact that summer heat in Bangladesh can go really high. At times, it becomes extremely unbearable. Interestingly, colors play an important role in the passing of heat throughout your body. Dark colors such as black absorb a lot of heat, making you feel it. On the other hand, bright colors reflect heat, keeping you more comfortable.

But the best option is to wear light-colored clothes that make you relaxed and cool. These colors don’t absorb too much heat and also don’t look too distracting like the bright-colored ones. Simple is now considered best. Thus, StridesCo offers light-colored clothing for its customers such as Haiku SKYLARK 2.0, MAHAL Striped Summer Coat,Strides Summer Fruit Panjabi, and so on.

Opting for Sleeveless or Loose sleeves

Wearing a sleeveless dress is a common option for urban women. Especially in summer, many women choose sleeveless salwar for coolness. On the other hand, women may also opt to wear loose sleeves dresses to allow a cool and comfortable feeling.

Some sleeveless offers the ladies may try are the offers in the Strides Ribbed Sleeveless Racer Neck Top series collection that come in navy, peach, red, ecru, mustard, and aqua colors.

Prefer comfort over Fashion

People nowadays prefer comfort over fashion. It becomes quite obvious when you see the ethnic summer trends in 2022 in Bangladesh. Being fashionable is good, but feeling comfortable is way more important. The value of fashion fluctuates over time but comfort is always a key determinant of the purchase of clothes. In our Cotton Punjabi collection, Tops, and Kurtis are emphasized comfy over fashion.

Half-Sleeves give full comfort

Taking all factors into consideration (like comfort, culture, clothing, etc.) half-sleeves give you the best options for summer. They are comfortable, not covering too much of your body and allowing air to pass. We feel “safer” with these types of clothing in a conservative culture of ours and these allow avoidance of heat as well. Also, if made with cotton or lighter material, these give you the best experience in summer.

Take for example our offerings, ENSO Grey/Maroon half-sleeve sports top for men and ENSO White Everyday half-sleeve sports top. Both these half-sleeves sports t-shirts or tops provide comfort to all genders. ENSO White every day is 100% Polyester, making it easy to wear for many hours in a day. Its micro-mesh half back allows sweat to cool off easily.

As for the men’s ENSO half sleeves sports tops, they are body fitting, yet the 100% polyester jersey material makes them comfy. With 130 GSM, the lightweight fabric can dry quickly as well, allowing one to go in and out of the gym at will.

Choose breathable fabrics

You need air to pass over your body in summer. The heat encourages you to wear clothing that suits the weather.

Loose-fitting and light-weighting clothes help the most in dealing with sweat. These clothes allow you to stay cooler as more air passes all over you. On the contrary, tight clothing or closed-neck dresses can make you suffocate and cause too much sweating.

MAHAL Floral Kaftan w/ Belt and Haiku Flora Onyx are two good options for women among other offerings. Both have loose sleeves and lightweight material for the passing of air. And also, nice floral designs to give them the attractive look.

Another option women can opt for is our MAHAL Embroidered Floral Sharara w/ Short Kurta (Full Set) which is reasonably priced among the khurta prices in Bangladesh.

Men can opt for cotton Punjabis which we have in a huge collection. Or they can go for Strides Square Printed Cuban Shirt which gives a light feeling in the summer time.

Impact of Clothing on Summer

Needless to say, certain styles of dressing and particular textiles of dress impact our overall clothing in summer. Even though we are influenced by what we watch others wear (at least to some extent), our own comfort becomes highly important.

Living in a country like Bangladesh means our culture shapes our choice of clothing. No matter how much we get lured toward foreign styles of clothing, our traditional clothes make up at least some portion of our wardrobe.

Especially in urban cities, the mix of traditional and western summer wears is common. Fashion brands and clothing stores understand this trend. Thus, they produce and set their collections of dresses accordingly. From traditional khurta to polo t-shirts to deep neck tops, all are made and availed for local customers.

Advantages of buying clothes from StridesCo in the Summer

The trend of mixing local and international dressing styles is advantageous for both the buyers and sellers of clothes. The advantages are as follows:

  • You have many options to choose from.

  • The collar designs of summer clothing set fashionable options themselves.

  • The color of the dresses presents vivid options to the customers.

  • Some local dresses may not be comfortable for some people in summer, so they have the western alternative.

  • Some foreign dressing styles, no matter how trendy and catchy, may not be suitable in our culture, so we can opt for local styles and clothes.

  • As a buyer, you can select a good mix of cultural and foreign clothing for your wardrobe, making a new blend that suits you.

We at StridesCo, stride for trendy and fashionable clothes that delights our buyers. Next, we present some of our trendy clothing and styles that will make you at least have a look at our collections this summer 2022.

Summer Trendy Item

Some of the trendier offerings we have this summer for both men and women are as follows:

  • Haiku After Dark Kimono Top: this kimono-inspired, classic black satin top gives you luxury, a wrap-front design, and perfection for night-outs.

  • Haiku Turquoise Sea 2: this amazing piece of Kurti clothing stands out among the ladies with its teal blue fabric in chikan cotton. The vibrant embroidery with tassel details on sleeves give it a unique look

  • MAHAL Light Ash Sherwani Panjabi w/ Pocket Square: The name “sherwani” is good enough to make it stand out. But with this offer of ours, you can get comfort, look and luxury, all in one.

Final Words

Trends are created in summer, especially in a country like ours. This is the perfect time to try out various clothing styles. We hope you select StridesCo as your clothing destination this summer. The versatile collection of dresses will give you the best experience of shopping.