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Tunic Tops In Bangladesh: Styling, Craze, and All You Need To Know

But where did this craze come from? Scroll further and know all about where tunic tops came from, the reason behind it's craze and six different ways to style your tunic shirts to achieve your ideal look today!

Whether you realized it or not, the chances are that tunics have made it into your wardrobe.

Have you ever found yourself wearing a coverup on a beach day or an oversized shirt dress? Well, the type in which these dresses and shirts are fashioned is called tunic-styled clothes. So, if your answer is yes, then you know you’re already fashioning tunics in your outfits.

The best part that makes us love tunic tops is that they come in a wide range of styles. From long and oversized to t-shirt-like tunics — we all get to pick the style that suits us the most.

But where did this craze come from? Scroll further and know all about where tunic tops came from, the reason behind its craze, and six different ways to style your tunic shirts to achieve your ideal look today!

Where Did Tunic Tops Come From?

The tunic top style goes all the way back to ancient Mediterranean times. The term “tunic” is a transition from the Latin term “tunica.”

At the time, it was made from wool, linen, or other natural fibers further embellished with colors and decorative material.

But the modern-day tunic tops have gone above and beyond its origins! We now embrace the styles, materials, and fabric from all over.

The best part is that these long-line and loose-fitting clothes see no borders across genders or age groups!

Why Is Everyone Crazy About Tunic Tops?

The kind of versatility tunics offer is unbeatable. And the reasons for different people liking tunics are just as diverse!

Kurta tunics, for instance, is an excellent example of how a tunic is finding its way into Bangladesh fashion.

It has started to gain popularity as it does not stick to your body. It lets your skin breathe especially in the hot summers. So you no longer have to compromise on your comfort to look good.

Secondly, the possibilities of your creativity with a tunic top are effortless and endless! After all, they follow what is our wise “less is more” ethic.

It wouldn’t be wrong if one were to say that tunics can be fit for any occasion.

How To Style Your Tunic-Styled Shirts?

For styling our tunics, we’re going to rely on its power of versatility yet again.

To give you a brief overview, you can style your tunic-styled shirts as dresses, coverups, and more.

Want to pair it up with casual track pants? Want to wear it with your favorite denim? Or with a skirt, shorts or formal trousers? Try them out and you’ll find it may match more often than not!

But to help you get started, here are a few ways in which you can style your tunics!

Asymmetric tunic shirt with white trousers

White trousers are the universal tunic styling elements. You can pair an asymmetric tunic shirt with evergreen white leggings. This combo will never fail to impress.

You do not need to experiment much with this look. The shape and material of the tunic will match white trousers with utmost perfection.

Now, you can attend occasions, meetings, and events with grace. Minimalism is the new fashion and an asymmetric tunic defines it.

Moreover, the asymmetry gives you a unique yet sophisticated look. So, it’s sure to give your outfit an extra edge!

Image: MAHAL Teal Asymmetric Solid Tunic W/ Pockets

A Fit For Your Weekend-Work Vibe

What better way to suit your weekend-work vibe than styling a tunic into something cute and breezy?

You may opt to pair your tunic with a chunky belt on your waistline.

So, no worries if you have an urgent Zoom call in the next five minutes! Throw on a tunic with a belt, and you’re all set!

For a Casual Run To the Mall

You already know how to pull off the off-duty model street style look. But as an alternative to jeans, you could go with a tunic-and-trouser combination!

No better way to give off the “casual and effortless” look than tying it all up with your favorite footwear!

The “Special Plans” Outfit

If you thought you were running out of the versatility that a tunic-styled top can offer you, you were wrong!

With these tips, you can also pull off an outfit for a special function, event, or even date night. Try wearing your tunic like a dress. This time, simply replace the sneakers with a beautiful pair of ballet flats.

For those crazy about heels, you already know there’s no way you can go wrong with them.

Leggings or no leggings, jeans or no jeans, the dress-style tunic looks phenomenal.

Image: Floral Dress In Black

The Simple Kurta Look

Who says kurta is old-fashioned? You can wear a tunic that resembles a traditional kurta and look gorgeous all the way!

If you want to look stylish and stand out from the crowd, this look can elevate your appearance. Moreover, you won’t need to think about color compatibility.

All you need is a long tunic that makes you feel comfortable on your skin. This look will give you an identity that will soon become your style.

So, grab that kurta tunic and match it with long hair to highlight your face and skin tone.

Image: Mahal Grey Checked Kurta Tunic

The Light-Layer Style

Another popular way to fashion your tunic top is by using it as light layers.

All you have to do is put on a t-shirt over your tunic top. Pair it up with a pair of trousers or jeans.

And you’re good to go!

Summing Up

By now, you know the wide range of impressions that tunic-style tops can have in your fashion game. Regardless of whatever occasion or event, you’re heading for, these pieces can help you pull off pretty much everything.

Moreover, tunics can be paired with many items already existing in your fashion closet, so try mixing and matching with your jeans, shorts, accessories, and footwear of your choice!

So, pick your occasion and pick your outfit. From loose and comfy to sleek and sophisticated, tunic tops got you covered.